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  1. Hello, So i revived my V1.0 PAL Xbox (TSOP modded with evox m8 bios) and ordered an HDMI adapter on ebay, hoping to get better resolution in the menues and games that support it. i bought this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Link-Cable-for-Original-Xbox-System-No-Mod-Required-HDMI-Converter-Line-HDMI-Q/254235287449 Ive used the hexen dvd to activate the 480p,720p and 1080i in the MS dashboard. but when i start the system my projector freaks out and states that it first recieves a 480i signal, then a 640x200 120hz(!) signal. Any clue to what this could be? i'm running through a onkyo tx-nr626 av reciever and a optoma 200hd projector. the onkyo just denies passing the 640x200 signal trough. if i connect the projector directly to the hdmi adapter i get a very strange image(probably just the 640x200 data overlapped) I can change to the normal composite cable without any issues in 480i trough the reciever and projector with 1080p upscaling.
  2. post to be able to download files 2
  3. post to be able to download files 1
  4. Didnt find any clear traces of soldering. the bridges was not present. so i soldered them to be able to update the bios. i backup the disk, updated the bios, and reinstalled the drive, as it was full of old crap that was very inorganiced(strange how one become more organized 15years later) now the system is on 5003 bios, and unleashx, uploading back the old games and saves to the disk. nice to get this old rellic revived after sitting unused in storage for this many years. yes, i removed the supercap. it had leaked, but no corrosion. i cleaned it with pcb cleaner(Kontakt PCC spray if someones wondering) main motivation for doing all this is to get the system up to a 2019 level so i can utilize guides and other information online thats more up to date and available.
  5. ran bios check tool, and it seem it have a EvoX 2.5 (ColorErrNoani) bios version installed. so this is probably then a tsop mod?
  6. Hello, I have a V 1.0 Xbox that i bought modded back in 2003. around 2004 i updated the harddrive to a larger, and i did an update with Slayers disk(v2.4?) I cannot seem to be able to identify how the xbox was modded initialy. i have a "unknown" bios version. i cannot see a installed modchip. and rocky5 softmod disk does not give me any options to update the softmod. Would it seem that this could be an tsop fixed unit? from what i can remember, i do not think the unit was opened, so im unsure it its a tsop or softmod.

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