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  1. Anyone have any insight on this?
  2. Hi KaosEngineer. Thanks for the reply. Sorry I'm still a little confused. I just compared instructions for the LPC rebuild on a 1.6 for Aladdin and Xecuter 2.6 chips and I noticed that there was one difference for 1 pin (Please See my comparison image below). What is this pin? Looking at instructions for another chip it was identified as "VCC 3.3", but that just had this pin shorting to another pin (so not exactly the same.) Do I really need to solder this in for an Aladdin chip to work, and when I hot swap to the Xecuter 2.6, Do I risk frying the chip? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, Just discovered the forum. Exited to be here! Hoping someone might have some wisdom to share with me. I recently had a bad flash on my x2.6 chip, both banks (running on a 1.6 Xbox) and so I'm hoping to hot swap it with a working Aladdin chip, which I ordered. Since everything is wired for the X2.6, would it be possible to hot swap from the Aladdin? Would I need to change anything to make it work with the Aladdin, or do anything special hardware-installation-wise? Would there be any complications with the flash? I was thinking of using Hexen 2019. Any insight appreciated. Thanks!

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