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  1. I dont think what i asked was understood
  2. I've heard tale of there being some mods that can be added to some games that changes the resolution they are rendered in. Googling xbox hd mods yields very cluttered results of course so perhaps someone can steer me in the right direction? I'm using a softmodded xbox with unleash. it doesn't have any extra ram or cpu so I understand this will cost some performance to do.
  3. ah ok thats an option then. do you know if the music that is stored on the xbox is also savable?
  4. so what would the pi do? it would brute force it eventually?
  5. I noticed this screen from the youtube video in the video he's locking the new hard drive and from what i can see the code appears to be unique , as in the code is pulled from the board or eeprom and isn't zeroed out or changed to something easy?
  6. question is there any way that filezilla would show what the drives password or eeprom key was if I still had it open from when i was connected to it? I never closed filezilla from when the xbox was working , but is there any sort of log where filezilla needed the key to access the drive?
  7. i think its called " Krayzie Ndure" softmod or "nkpatcher.06" it's from this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTZCXuFgs4Q
  8. I keep reading places that "xboxscene" and "teamassembly" is the password maybe?
  9. so what can i do as far as a hotswap? i have other xboxs here that work
  10. I did try the coma console. neither combination of wires seemed to bring it back (btw , if none of the combinations brought it back that would make me think the problem has nothing to do with the bios i suppose) When i installed unleash i did select the backup eeprom option , but i dont know what it backs it up to or where it backs it up?
  11. have a v1 xbox with a bricked motherboard now. So now I need a way to rescue the game saves off the drive. the xbox had two drives with unleashx , the original 8gb and a 120gb copy. will need a way to unlock it via pc and without knowing what the original password was that i assume the motherboard had
  12. FRAG Anyway i just tried the jumper wires and it's not working. Also tried replacing a cap i thought might be bad and still no dice. At this point I'm just going to have to figure out how to unlock the hard drive and rescue the data , if anyone can help with that thats what i'd like to do
  13. no theres a motherboard issue no the motherboard doesnt even post that looks intersting i'll try and give it a shot though I totally suck at soldering it's an early december 2001 xbox
  14. I have a v1 xbox that I softmodded with the unleash , ummmmm , dash or mod.....ok I'm a noob give me a break. I already successfully modded my own v1 xbox with unleash , i even upgraded the hard drive then to a 300gb one and ripped some of my dvd games onto it. so at this point I felt invincible. I then tried to mod my friends v1 xbox doing the exact same thing. Removed clock capacitor and cleaned installed unleash copied drive to a larger one started loading dvd games However I also tried downloading an emulator. I got it installed , sucessfully played an old diddy kong SNES game , but within the emulator there was a "reboot" option that I selected. The second It rebooted the console now is now in FRAG mode. there is no video output , it attempts to boot twice power cycling every second until the frag. It frags regardless of what drives are connected or unplugged. I ASUME the board has a problem with the firmware or bios and that it's my fault for trying the reboot feature in whatever emulator it was. (i should have just stuck with xbox games) So now i'm in a pickle , I asume the board will need some sort of bios flash or perhaps even a chip installed to fix the bios which is beyond my skill level. AND OR...... if i could unlock either of the two drives that console has I could save the game saves and music the console had on it..... and just buy a new xbox. Basically i need to solve the frag , or rescue the data. any ideas?

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