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  1. Oh wow that's amazing to see one new in box! I wonder how many more bare cases there are.
  2. Album: https://imgur.com/a/ptzp4Vl Saw this pop up for sale locally and made the trip to pick it up. He said his father-in-law was an IT contractor, and apparently he originally got the case empty. I got back home and opened it up to find the original case hardware kit sealed in its cardboard box, taped inside the drive bay next to a power cable in a bag. A silica gel pack was taped to the floor of the case. The IO connectors were zip tied together, tucked away in a corner. I am extra certain this case was never used, because the metal plate covering the DVD drive bay was not
  3. I'll probably just buy a correctly sized IDE cable. I'm using this generic converter and it works fine, though the clearance is a bit tight. Right now the plan is to stack the Ryzee 360 board and the gutted 360 receiver on top of the hard drive itself. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Pata-IDE-to-Serial-ATA-SATA-3-5-HDD-Hard-Drive-DVD-Converter-Adapter-Card/141951989539
  4. I'm starting a slim xbox project in my spare time. Updates may be infrequent. The idea is hopefully to keep the entire box under 50mm thickness. I want to try and cram in a 2TB 2.5" HDD with SATA adaptor, a picoPSU, and Ryzee's wireless 360 controller board. The motherboard is a 1.0 that I've TSOP flashed and upgraded with 128MB RAM. It's going to be a very tight squeeze for sure. I've modeled a case for it that needs to be 3D printed--though the expense from Shapeways is a bit much for me right now, and it's too big for the local printers! The edge of the case will be sanded and wrapped
  5. I think most people (including myself) are using SATA drives with SATA to IDE adapters, so plugging it into a PC directly would be considerably faster.
  6. I'm on a TSOP flashed xbox and didn't have an MS dash installed. I installed 5960 and looks like it was enabled. I turned it off, we'll see if it fixes it. Thanks! Xplorer360 sees 6 partitions: Partition 0: X drive Partition 1: Empty (I'm going to assume Y drive) Partition 2: Z drive Partition 3: C drive Partition 4: E drive Partition 5: Empty
  7. After several hours transferring in UnleashX the Xbox will shut off. Any ideas on why this is happening? The dashboard settings show the auto shutdown setting at 0. I set it to 9999 with no difference.
  8. Ugh, I was really hoping there would be a way to directly transfer them over SATA. Oh well, thanks anyway.
  9. So I have about 1.5TB worth of files I need to transfer from my PC to my Xbox and it would take 35 hours, assuming the Xbox hits the full 100Mbit/s transfer speed. Is there a faster way to transfer files? Xplorer360 is the only tool that seems to see my drive, but of course it doesn't see the extended partitions that will be holding my files. It's been like 13 years since I last touched xbox modding and I'm having a lot of fun!

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