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  1. wow guys thanks a lot, never heard of it Will give it a try !
  2. Hi, Is using XBMC is the only way to get the box art in the dashboard ? Regards,
  3. I do not know if "auto patch XBX" is about that in a softmod software but is there known games that cannot be executed from G drive for example ?
  4. Is there really a huge difference with CoinOPS 7 ?
  5. Hi team members, Searched through Google, but can't find a clear explanation of what is a REDUMP ISO versus an standard ISO. I know that REDUMP will be normally 4.7G but i'm not sure why this is used for... Regards,
  6. Hi There! Wow this is a huge community. I'm pretty new to the Xbox OG scene as a softmodder user. I'm not a collector but a huge fan of Xbox games... Don't know why, maybe because this console remind me Dreamcast Regards,

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