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  1. just saying hi, and came looking for some skins. i have a bit of modding experience in general jut not og xbox specialized. i was bigger into the 360 scene but i do still have an x3 og xbox and a tsop 1.0. that currently has a dead lan port.
  2. also hdguy74, i dont think you will be able to use that adapter with both drives without a master slave option. also get yourself an 80 wire ide cable for your as sometimes equipment is picky with sata and a 40 wire cable, not to mention data transfer speed increase.
  3. i believe there is another way around this. and feel free to correct me if im wrong. if he can solder wouldn't it be just a cheap to buy an alladin chip and throw it in there and rebuild from there? unless he knows for a fact that he has a tsop that has been done correctly? that way hdd is negated?

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