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  1. Forlorn Penguin, Okay I did what you said to do except for null the HDD key, I'm kinda confused on what you mean and what to pick on that one.. Sorry sometimes I am a little dense.. Just a side note, I wish it told me that it was going to erase the games that I installed on the HD, Now I have to copy my library to the HDD again. LOL Thanks! -Lockar
  2. Hi, I'm new to the Soft Moding on the PS 2 and original xbox as you can tell by some of my messages so far. But I am hoping to be able to figure this out like I did with the PS2. Thanks! -Lockar
  3. The Genesis emulator went to the Applications folder/menu. -Lockar
  4. Yes I installed UnleashedX, for that was what the video suggested that I install that I was following. I know how to FTP in the machine (I'm using Mac OS, although I do use Windows 10 for some things), but I haven't figured out how to get any MAME working for most of the links are broken or the instructions are wrong... As for the games. Any game that I down, do I just throw the folder the game is in my games folder on the hard drive of the xbox? I'm a little confused on that.. Well we are speaking about the folders on the hard drive, I stalled the Genesis Emulator and I noticed it's not under the Emulators sections on the dash. I tried looking for a emulators folder on the hard drive but I don't see one.. What am I doing wrong? -Lockar
  5. I put in a 130gb har drive in. Because that's what I had spare, if I find that I need a larger drive, I will get one. But right now that's the size I have in my PS2's and they work out fine. -Lockar
  6. Well Forlorn Penguin suggested that I upgrade. ^^ I am guessing my Soft Mod? -Lockar
  7. Well I managed to install a bigger hard drive in the unit. It took a few trial and error, but I managed to figure it out. How do I upgrade? remember I'm new to this, To I revert back to the old hard drive and revert back MS' Dashboard (uninstall the soft mod)? Then start all over again? Or is there an easier way? Can I do this on the new HD? Or because it a soft mod I would have to do it on the original HD and do the cloning again? Thanks in advance. -Lockar
  8. I looked over the instructions. Question though and it may not be allowed to asked on here, what do I do with Chimp 2.4? Do I make a CD/DVD with it some how, or do I FTP it over? I used the Code Breaker soft mode that I think it's SID because I remember seeing that a lot SID files in the install setup. -Lockar
  9. Hi, I was wondering about this new dumb newbe question. Do I have to hard mod my original Xbox for me to put in a bigger HD in it? From what I could find on the internet the answer is yes, but I came across other videos that say no. So now I am confused. Also when I soft Mod my xbox the ring not turns green at start up, but when I get the menu it turns yellow? Everything works fine, plays games fine and stuff. Should I be concerned about this? Thanks! -Lockar

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