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  1. Thanks for all the information. Looks like I'll be ordering up the bits and pieces for a reader to test out my soldering skills. Any tips or tricks to make this go smoothly are appreciated.
  2. Just noted a printing of KERNEL 4034 ON motherboard under the optical drive. Real shame with this not booting, about the cleanest original Xbox I've seen inside.
  3. Error code 7. April 15 2002 manufacturing date. Serial number 5013237 21502. Product ID 251501323721052
  4. Don't have it with me at the moment but when I was checking it out I believe it was a revision 1.1. I'll check it out once I'm back at my shop tonight and get back to you.
  5. I'm attempting to help someone with their original Xbox that refuses to boot. His family pulled it from storage around Thanksgiving and it powered on but gave error message. Initially I recommend just finding another working unit but this one holds special sentimental value. Turns out belonged to his oldest son who passed away from a brain tumor at 14. Got this as a part of his Make a Wish gift at 12 and played it constantly. So I've done softmod on Xbox, Wiis, and PS3 but never tried a modchip but was thinking that it might be a way to get this thing back up and running. Can this be done or any other ideas? I tore the system down, pulled the leaky clock capacitor, cleaned the board, checked all connections and reassembled but no go. Could use any help with this. Thanks!

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