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  1. I got tons of internal tools ... but they are on a drivecrypt from 2002 and i do not remember the password
  2. I'm not sure you can find all videos for all games on all systrems.
  3. Games is not the problem, but preview video is more work
  4. Yes, because doing everything from scratch with ALL ROMS (Games) with videos etc ... is a decade work
  5. Take the full one, remove the arcades games and tada !
  6. If you want, but kinda useless now days Reader is for Hitachi GD-5000. (i think i got the software for Wii, 360 and NGC too)
  7. XBOX DVD reader v1.0 (c) ScratchSaver Inc. 2002 Build on : Apr 23 2002 22:11:22 or X.jector v0.2...code by Captain Bruno J. Global. xjector <file> <xbox-media-file> FoR RiOT MeMbErZ OnLy...!!!! this tool supports XBOX media file. It can work with files upto 9 Gig. limitation: only files in the ROOT directory can be patched.

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