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  1. Welcome. I'm new to the site also but been involved with Xboxes and all other consoles most of my life. There are some real gems in the Xbox game library, so have fun exploring. I have a soft spot for the Xbox as I chose to buy it instead of the PS2 when it came out and have many good memories, and some of the Xbox exclusives can't be beat. If you like racing games, check out Test Drive: Eve of Destruction. Still my favorite racing/demolition derby game to date.
  2. Hi all, just found this site and looks like a good resource for original Xbox modding. I started modding Xboxes way back not long after they first came out. I had an original V1.0 box with an Xecuter X3 chip, which I was stupid and eventually sold. I'm back in the game now with another X3 modded box and another one I'm soft modding and going to do a TSOP flash. Looks like some good resources here.
  3. Glad to see the original Xbox is still active in the community. Thanks for this!

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