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  1. Hellow OG Xbox community, creating this topic as a place to discuss installation, operation and modding of an Xecuter 3 CE Red-backed modchip with LCD, for help and questions, I am in no way an expert, but a very knowledgeable technician who is interested in helping others to use, repair or mod their systems. Lets share knowledge!!
  2. I am also now in possession of an Xapt3r 1.6 i scored from Craigslist, fully functioning again with Xecuter 3 CE, contained inside the fabled crystal Xecuter 3 system with LCD, suspected to be originally from Llamma.com. If anyone is interested in picking my brain or build pictures I'd be glad to help, thanks to the above information in this forum topic, I was able to save time and verify before my first power up, BIG shout out for the help!!
  3. greggtech83

    Xecuter 3

    That's very interesting actually, thanks for going the extra mile. This could either be a good thing or bad, for those out there coveting their rare mod chips and jacked Ebay auctions, what if.... just what if the market was flooded with another 5000, or even 10.000 units. or more. I personally would enjoy buying 5-10 of them if the price was affordable, and if I learned of a go fund me for Xecuter modchips I would contribute.

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