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  1. samsung* it's the other way around but yeah, I guess that's what I'm going to do. it's just weird, I was more interested in troubleshooting in case something was wrong with my 1.1 board. but I guess the adapter is the problem. isn't startech supposed to be better than the generic ones? it's faster though, and I'm mainly playing off the hdd, so it's not like I'm going to switch. maybe it's defective? thanks for your help by the way.
  2. I think it's the startech adapter. I tried the same cable + samsung drive on my 1.4 (it's still using the stock ide hdd, so no adapter) and it works. either that or a X2 5035 setting I'm missing? I dunno. it's a standard, genuine startech with a marvell chip.
  3. I have tried other cables, but they were the same brand. I bought a bunch of these odd cables that are longer between the hdd and dvd connectors. and some regular Asus ones. I can't fold the Asus in a way that fits the Samsung though, because the connector is slightly to the side. but the odd cable I mentioned works fine with my Philips and Thomson drives. think that could be it? might have to order some longer cables to test it, I guess.
  4. tried cable, master and slave. wouldn't boot as slave, unsurprisingly. both on the hdd itself and the adapter. haven't tested it extensively, but I put together a 1.4 board I had lying around and the Samsung drive seems to work fine with it. it has ind bios instead of X2. so perhaps it is the adapter/cable, or something wrong with my 1.1 board?
  5. I see. anything I can do about it? isn't it weird that it works perfectly fine half the time? the laser at least, it reads discs faster than any other drive I have around. when it works that is. what could be causing it? a dead chip, cap, cracked joint? EDIT decided to crack it open because why not, and I think I see 2 cold joints in the power connector. gonna heat them up, see if it helps. EDIT#2 nope, that wasn't it... although the points were bad. what the hell.
  6. I do have X2 5035, I tried the no DVD check but the problem persists. the Xbox works fine otherwise, with the Philips drive. so it's either the Samsung or something connected to it (sata adapter, cable, etc.)?
  7. so I got a new Samsung SDG-605 drive and wanted to replaced the aging Philips on my 1.1 machine with it. except I'm having this weird problem with it. sometimes the Xbox hangs on the "xecuter rox my box" screen for a few seconds before booting. when that happens, the Samsung drive shows "init" rather than "empty" and won't read any discs. checking the system's settings tells me it's not recognizing the drive at all. I can get it to boot normally sometimes though, the drive works fine then. I've tried several things already, a different ide cable (even the stock one), power supply and

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