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  1. Yeah I have IND 5003 (256kb) flashed to both
  2. Quick update. Having tried literally everything as a last resort I removed the Alladin Chip(Which was new) and put in an X2 Duo I had spare. And although its early days yet,... no more weird boot behaviours. The Alladin must be faulty I will bin it so I don't pull it out of my parts box & get caught in this hamster wheel again. Thanks for your help.
  3. Yes I whipped the cap out straight away and luckily it hadn't leaked. I've had a magnifying glass out and I can see nothing at all anywhere on the board to indicate any corrosion or leaking.
  4. Okay so I have played around a little more: I now don't believe its the hard drive thats causing the issue. I have formatted another healthy working HDD with hexen still getting weird booting issues. Tried the IDE/Sata adapter in another box so I know thats not the issue. I've attached a video(sorry couldn't figure how to embed it in the post) Its progressively behaving getting harder to boot now. But on occasions it will boot up just fine and once I'm in everythings ok.. In fact It eventually booted just after I shot the video? Weird My next troubleshooting will be: Switch out the IDE cable, Swap out the DVD Drive(don't believe thats the issue as it's booting discs hexen fine), beyond that I really don't know. Video 4.mp4
  5. I powered down and back on and it booted fine. I have installed a 500gb WD Blue HDD after I installed the aladdin, when I got the box it was softmodded with and old 80gb IDE. Failing HDD is a major possibility, it bought it used (and alegedley tested). I did notice one day that during the flubber a second or two before it transitioned to the IND bios splash and it just hungand I had to power down. I'm going to try another HDD in there which I will format with Hexen and see how I go for a day or so. I will also format the disc on my laptop and run Western Digitals Diagnostic Tool.. My money is now on the WD Drive being virtually DOA. I usually check for bad sectors first on my pc....lesson learned
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes BT -> GRND for always on and from D0 -> D0. Edit I powered on this to be greated by this? Also the other day I remember now I had the same thing but error 21? I think it's possible I've screwed up somewhere using hexen?. I'm now wondereing shall I just start over with Hexen and reformat? It could be a hardware issue too I guess because all the issues are intermittent. I'm just not not that savvy. So some guidance where to go next will be appreciated. For now I'm leaving well alone before I make it worse
  7. Hi guys bit of a novice who gets the basics and I'm learning as I go Okay so the issue is that when I power on (power button) I get no video output with solid green ring, then when I power off(again power button) and power back on everything is fine, boots normally into XBMX Emustation and alls well. I've noticed that when I power on from the eject button it boots first time no issues. So the issue I'm trying to fix is Why do I have to power on and off again to get video? I've troubleshooted as far as my knowledge limited knowledge allows, reseated cables, checked modchip soldering etc. Its a weird one and I'm stuck here thinking its an issue with the modchip? I'd post video but I don't have the means Xbox version 1..4 Aladdin Modchip WD Blue 500gb/80 pin ide/cheap adapter/Official HD Pack

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