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  1. Maybe, it's entirely possible that even if the MS9282 has its own timing, that the video signal timing influences the output. Either the timing is reset quite frequently, or each individual frame is derived by the component sync. I don't have access to the data sheet so I'm speculating, all we publicly have is a just detailed enough for sales block diagram. http://en.macrosilicon.com/info.asp?base_id=2&third_id=3 In other news, I tested both the chimeric adaptor and the externally powered adaptor with a LG CX. Both had resetting issues too. Using the Elgato HD60S seemed to help stabilise it. Also it seemed to get a little better as the Xbox warmed up? Could have also been us moving the cables around or closing the Xbox lid better. I didn't get much time to try desolder the RAM on the 1.4, I'll try again when I next have time. EDIT: Also tried turning off Ultra HD Deep Colour on the CX, didn't make a difference. EDIT 2: The CX also reset a lot in the modded dashboard during 480I and 480P when we first turned it on.
  2. The TV was released in 2018, so the firmware has hardened over time, and it's on the lastest version Yup, I normally do, especially for games Yeha, I tried both incase the TV wasn't happy It's probably picky about the signal it's getting, but I wouldn't say it's the nessecarily the root cause. It's not like I have issues with modern HDMI native devices. At the same time the OG Xbox isn't that old, so I expect it to be able to put out a clean component signal (at least WRT to sync) Yeah, I'm going to revive a 1.4 with RAM accidentally soldered the wrong way Yup, already have. I'm aware, and I don't trust them to last either given the age of the system. I've replaced the following on the motherboard: 3300uF 1500uF 680uF 100uF 47uF I haven't yet replaced all the smaller caps, nor the clock cap.
  3. When using/playing the MS dashboard, Halo CE, or JSRF, there's intermittent signal loss, or at least the behaviour of the TV is if the signal is lost (warning pops up). The audio will continue to work though (if plugged in through the reciever). I've got a video of this happening: Youtube video of signal loss. Setups I've tried: Xbox -> Chimeric -> Reciever -> TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Cheap component cable + cheap ADC with HDMI output -> Reciever -> TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Chimeric -> directly to TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Cheap component cable + cheap ADC with HDMI output -> directly to TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Chimeric -> Capture card -> Laptop (no issue) Xbox -> Chimeric -> Cheap projector (no issue) Xbox -> Chimeric -> Capture card (Elgato HD60 S) -> Laptop (no issue) & passthrough to TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Chimeric -> Capture card (Elgato HD60 S) -> Laptop (no issue) & passthrough to reciever and then TV (issue happens) Xbox -> Composite -> Cheap projector (no issue) Xbox details: PAL (Au) Rev 1.0 Delta DPSN-96AP-1 Aladdin XT with IND Unleash X Fully recapped PSU (didn't fix the issue) Replaced the large motherboard capacitors and a couple of the small ones next to the video DAC (didn't fix the issue) Unused Thompson DVD drive (un/plugged doesn't matter) WD 1TB Blue connected through an IDE-SATA (ofc) and 80 wire IDE cable. Molex -> SATA power is on the SATA-IDE card. Still had the same issue with the original WD HDD EEPROM set to NTSC Video output with 480p, and 720p enabled (480i seems to be issue free when using the Chimeric adaptor) Audio output with surround, DD, and DTS enabled No visible signs of trace rot, no signs of capcitors leaking, all removed capacitors looked to be in good condition and tested well. TV is a Sony KD-65X9000F (Au version of X90F) TV settings I've tried (in case auto detection is freaking out or something): Picture mode - Game Auto picture mode - Off Black adjust - Off Advanced contrast enhancer - Off Auto widescreen - Off Auto over/underscan - Off HDR - Off HDMI video range - Tried limited and full Colour space - Tried auto and sRGB "Motionflow" (not exactly, but effectively motion interpolation) - Off "Reality creation" (upscaling) - Off Smooth gradation - Off "Live colour" (Colour processing incl. fake HDR) - Off I've heard Deep Colour (introduced in HDMI 1.3) has caused issues in the past, but I can't find an option to turn it off anywhere, not even in the developer options. Reciever is Onkyo TX-SR494. Have tried multiple known good HDMI cables that can definitely carry 2.0 bandwidth. The Component -> HDMI DAC has an external power supply. This is it: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07JYHQRDJ I'm somewhat convinced that either the signal from the Xbox is borked, don't know if it's the PSU drooping, there's electrical noise, some thermal protection very briefly kicks in, or the motherboard capacitors I haven't replaced yet. I don't have an oscilloscope nor a way to monitor the HDMI signal to be able to further troubleshoot what exactly is going wrong. I'm after any more potential troubleshooting ideas, or knowledge.

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