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  1. So the console does boot with the modchip, and I can mess with dashboards but I can’t run Burnout 3 (my only game) without freezing or boot the stock dash without Error 21 (essentially leaving me in limbo with only dashboard access). When I write new dashboards to the HDD, it works fine. It’s writing the stock dash that gives me an error. I booted into UnleashX without any disk inserted and got the same 5838 Kernel. https://imgur.com/a/vpWlOKV Since I didn’t need to FTP to see the HDD contents, I’ve added the Imgur link with the contents of C from the file manager in UnleashX. I used OG Xbox Installer to return the HDD to stock and unplugged the Aladdin and got FRAG, once I plugged in the Aladdin I booted and got Error 21. I’m starting to think this console might have been a failed TSOP or maybe the onboard BIOS chip has failed, but I’m not experienced enough to make that judgment. I cannot FTP. I plug in my Ethernet cable and the router and switch light up, but only the left light on the Xbox lights up. The dashboard indicates “No Link!” Edit: I also returned the HDD to stock, locked it, softmodded using HeXen, unplugged Aladdin and tried to boot and got FRAG again. I’m just trying to deduce where the problem is. I’ve done this on both the stock HDD and the 500GB WD SATA HDD I got.
  2. So, I’ve tried everything and still no luck. - TrueHeXEn 2021 and OG XBOX INSTALLER 2021 both have been unable to fix Error 21, and copying Dash files constantly errors out. - New HDD, IDE cable and IDE-SATA converter still has Error 21 when new HDD is formatted with both above discs. - connecting HDD to PC and using FATXplorer to format HDD and drag Clean_C_and_E_Files to appropriate partitions still keeps Error 21. -FTP server will not start, no IP address can be assigned. Ethernet switch on router lights up and Xbox light on Ethernet port lights up but “No Link” on settings and IP address never shows. @KaosEngineer I’ve browsed the forums and see you’re quite knowledgeable so I hope you get a chance to see this. I believe I’ve tried all of the Error 21 fixes I’ve found like using a Live game like Burnout 3, using the recovery discs, and copying the clean files. I don’t know what else to try.
  3. I see 1.0.5838.1 in the OGXbox disk settings for the kernel version. Xbox Bios Checker states both the 512kb and all four 256kb BIOS are Unknown. I managed to fix the 3rd issue by using OGXbox Installer 1.5.4. But fixing MS Dash from the disk keeps leading to an error “batch process failed” and booting to MS Dash from within the UnleashX dash just boots back to UnleashX.
  4. I got a free Xbox v1.0 that had Error 21. I cleaned the board, replaced the clock cap with one I bought online (no leakage), installed an Aladdin XT Plus 2 modchip, and used TrueHeXen 2021 to erase the hard drive and install UnleashX. Now, the console turns on without giving an error, but this is where the real pickle is: 1. Trying to boot MS DASH from the menu brings up Error 21 2. Trying to load Burnout 3 (an Xbox Live game) freezes as it loads. 3. Trying to change dashboards (I.e. UnleashX to XBMC4Gamers) ALWAYS fails with an error and no description. This is both with the TrueHeXeN disk or from within UnleashX. As some additional background, it’s a 1.0 and I cannot flash a 512kb BIOS, and it actually says “BIOS: Unknown” in the TrueHeXen disk. I’ve also tried clearing the cache to see if that’s preventing the game from running and it’s not that.
  5. Hello all! I’ve been a console modder for about 10-12 years. I’ve done hard mods on Xbox 360s and have practiced a bit of trace repair on other consoles like PS3 and other devices. I had a few questions about some issues I’m having with my side-of-the-road OGXbox. I kept finding this website on my Google searching and figured this is the place to be!

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