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  1. Hi, I'm currently try to install strip led lights in my OG crystal case, it need a 12v source. IV tryed the 12v direct from the power supply board and also from a hard drive power splitter. The problems I'm have is it keeps blowing MOSFETs on the motherboard? Is there a limit to how many LEDs can be installed? Thanks
  2. Thanks, if anyone has this problem mine turned out to be a bad MOSFET. New mosfet good as new
  3. Thanks, it has been tsop flashed. After reading some previous posts on the forum I have tested for continuity and voltages from the pic chip and the front board connector, and all is ok. I have also checked for trace rot, can't see any? If it helps when I press the power button it makes a single click and the yellow led in the lan port flashes once? I will take some pictures of the boa
  4. Hi all, I have a 1.1 motherboard that is dead, I know it's not the psu as I have another 1.1 and it works in that console. Basically I was trying to add LEDs to my case which needs a 12v source. I used a Y splitter on the molex connect for the HDD, it worked for a few mins then the console died and now won't power on? I have replaced the 5 caps near the psu connector aswell. Thanks

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