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  1. I haven’t cut the Lframe trace yet do you still thinks it’s worth doing
  2. I have also re wired lpc and reflowed all soldering.. no change.
  3. It’s a 1.6 , an alternate DO point for 1.6 was going to be my next question but you beat me to it. I have connected bt as suggested and to be sure about the DO ,I simply cut the trace . No further soldering of DO
  4. I have moved the bt to mod only prior ,based on your comments on other forums .the lpc is the blue board. I think I will get rid of that and wire the lpc rebuild intead.
  5. Resoldered all points no change, red light flashes on chip no picture . Bank 1 has green light on eject button and when pressed flashes green but won’t open disc draw. Bank two frags red and green however disk draw will open . Any ideas.
  6. Hmm I may have jumped the gun and forgotten about the led
  7. Led nevermind
  8. If I redo bios does it effect the hdd
  9. Thanks for the quick reply , Which caps are you referring to
  10. I have had a duox2 Hyundai edition installed forever ago in a Xbox 1.6 and pulled out the old fella for some burnout revenge to my dismay and four year old son’s disappointment I am receiving no signal when powered on .chip is flashing red ,eject button solid green however cannot open disk draw ,second bank frags red and green on eject button. normal Xbox works fine and appears to have all saved files from burnt/installed games. I am currently checking all connections to mod chip. Does anyone know if this is a bios issue , chip issue or HDD issue . If this is a bios issue does installing a new bios require formatting the drive and same question if I replace mod chip to a modern chip now available as I can’t find any duox2’s for sale.

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