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  1. after i've tried all again, I notice that the old hdd is not read or montable with xplorer 3.0 on my pc I don't know what this could mean The cable in my xbox is a 40 pin one
  2. I got still this problem, the old HDD works fine with the new Bios. I try it with the Jumper on MA,SL,CS and without x2config.ini on E: contains: dash1Name = c:evoxdash.xbe dash2Name = e:evoxdash.xbe dash3Name = e:Dash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe dash4Name = c:rescuedash\UnleashX\unleashx.xbe dash5Name = c:xboxdash.xbe I found the dashboard data under your given path my HDD is a WD5000AAJB I think my next step will be trying again to copy the hdd with chimp and hot swap
  3. ok, I flashed the Bios with x2 5035.67 512k from Hexen 21, get a new booting screen and logo, but has still the problem that my xbox with new hdd don't load into the dash without an error. I'am also unable to come into the boot config with x or white botton
  4. can I try it with the xecuter 2.3/2.6 bios from the hexen 2021?
  5. hello, I have an old xbox wie duox2 chip and xecuter2, I am not able to install a new IDE with 500GB . I' have tried with hexen 16 and and a Slayer 2.7 boot dvd bot every time I get Error 13 dashboard not found. The new HDD working with my PC, the box stars well with the old HDD and the Boot DVD ist startable from Dashboard, so I have no idea where the problem is. I format my new hdd with fatxplorer and copy the data from C and E from the old one with my xbox and FTPI don't get the error anymore but my xbox just boot to the blue logo with xectuer2 and then nothing happen. I there any other way I can try?

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