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  1. That would be the case if it stopped working after doing a mod. But it was working fine for 10+ years after the mod and nothing else was changed. Im in the process of buying new caps but I'll also post a Pic of the back of the board so maybe you guys see something I missed.
  2. There is also this little tactile switch on this chip, what does it do?
  3. The caps seems fine, no leaking, corrosion or bulging. I'll send a better picture of the whole board in a bit
  4. Oh and I should mention it worked before it was put into storage and was already modded at that time. And I just recently pulled it out to see it not working anymore
  5. So I've finally decided to pull out my old 1.6 Xbox which I got from a friend who modded it again. It doesn't boot up properly anymore. No video output and it boots up and shuts back down 3 times before it turn to a red/green flashing icon. Disk tray works normally, I can hear the HDD spin up, but I haven't been able to test it yet. I'm at a loss what to do. Here is a picture of the mod chip:

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