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  1. yeah i ftp'd the game to my xbox its still taking me back to the modded xbox homepage but no errors is showing up
  2. yeah ill try that out and let u know how it goes
  3. ok i changed the skin to confluence but its still not letting me boot the def jam fight for ny game
  4. heres the updated files. xbmc.log xbmc.old.log
  5. i removed it from the Q folder. now whenever i try to boot the def jam fight for ny game it says Script failed : RECENTLYADDED.PY And now my console itself is starting to freeze a bit, not that much though
  6. no i dont have a P:\ folder. which is weird. but i DEFINTELY see autoexec.py file in the Q folder
  7. how do i fix the medusa thats not working?
  8. ok i changed the skin. but it still says script failed start_medusa.py thats what its been saying this entire time. and i didnt see any autoexec.py
  9. so do i need to check the C:/ Drive And E:/ Drive?
  10. i did use dvd2xbox and it still gave me the same results “script failed start med..” i could confirm if i’m using a soft mod or a hard mod but i’m not sure how, as i said earlier i brought this modded xbox. so i’m not sure how i could possibly tell,
  11. I used winrar to extract it to my desktop and then i just ftp'ed the entire def jam folder to my xbox, do i have to use xdvdmulleter? im not sure if i had to use that before i ftp'ed the game over. but even so im still getting the script failed errors, those errors are litterally blocking me from booting the game, it also pops on my screen when i turn on the xbox as well.
  12. its pretty annoying because the script failed error occurs pops up even when i boot up the game, its like its almost like its blocking me from doing almost anything. xbmc.log xbmc.old.log
  13. i ran the HDD Ready version of the game but do i FTP it? and the file that didnt have default.xbe in it?
  14. this where i got the bios from and i already installed the game from one of the HDD Ready but what do i do now?
  15. im using HDeeTV Skin`and im using XBMC4Xbox 3.5.3 i think. my bios is 4817 Retail my xbox version is v1.1 if you need any screenshots of the settings ill post it

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