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  1. Hey dudes! I recently upgraded to 128mb and installed a bunch of 720p patches from the OneDrive link above. The mod was done well, but for some reason none of the patched games are loading properly. Many will give me a "unable to read disk" error. I backed up my .xbe files, but wondering if I'm doing this wrong. 1. I replaced the default.xbe files with the DefaultXHD.XBE file and Avalaunch couldn't find the patched games, so I: 2. Renamed all the DefaultXHD.XBE files to default.XBE 3. Now the games show up in my Games menu, but when I try to launch I get the error or weird display issues where the game is playable, but only in the top left of the screen and the rest is black. Has anyone encountered this? Is there an issue that I'm missing? Thanks much!
  2. The anime santa chick was actually in E:/TDATA/080299ff it was called xmasgreet or something. I didn't see a file extension and it showed 0 bytes on the disc so I just deleted it and Avalaunch booted normally. I can't seem to attach the archive folder here because I'm limited to 2mb. Is there another way I can share it?
  3. Hello, I installed the latest version of Avalaunch and the launch skin is this anime santa chick. I'd like to disable so I can launch with my favorite Vida Guerra skin. Is this possible to do in settings or by modifying the xml, or do I need a different build of Avalaunch? Thanks!

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