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  1. I thought I had, but I'll check. Thanks!
  2. No, it was connected via a series of pins I removed as they were installed as part of the mod, though the install was rather poor and upon removal there appears to be some damage to the area, I.e. about four missing solder pads which I'm assuming is why the modchip wasn't working.
  3. Hey all, got a 1.2 board here spitting Christmas lights at me (orange and green, power off, power on and repeat, red and green). It's not the disk drive or hard drive, I've tried alternative ones in their place. There is no modchip though I did remove one (Aladdin) as I was getting no signal from it beforehand. IDE cable is installed right way up. All caps look fine, clock cap has been removed. I don't see any broken tracing. I will repaste it as soon as some thermal paste comes in the mail. PSU looks fine to me too. Thoughts?
  4. My name's Jesse, I'm new to the OG Xbox. Had a 360 as a kid, that was my childhood, so I wanted to see what came before. I've got some experience repairing consoles but only opened up my first OG Xbox today.

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