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  1. There definitely is a partition table of some kind, but I don't really know what I should be trying to look for. I only have an F: partition, I chose not to enable G: because the drive is only 400GB, and I read that you only need extra partitions if your drive is over 500GB in size.
  2. Nope, since my Xbox is hardmodded I just put in the new drive and used Hexen to set it up. The games that do show up all work fine.
  3. I recently picked up a used Seagate Barracuda 400gb IDE drive to put in as an upgrade for the stock drive on my hardmodded 1.6 Xbox. I also upgraded the IDE cable to an 80 wire, and seemed to have absolutely no problems getting it to work. Once I started FTPing games over, though, it stops adding anything new onto the drive after ~150gb. The files take up the space they should, but can't be seen or accessed at all after a power cycle. I looked into it and saw it was potentially a cluster size issue, but since my drive is only 400gb the maximum cluster size is 32, which I set it to. I've tried wiping the partition and starting over a few times, but this problem persists. Anyone know what could be causing it? I unfortunately can't connect the drive to my PC right now since I don't have any IDE to SATA adapter.

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