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  1. As it's is a v1.1 I will probably leave it as is and just use it for emulators, rather than hard modding it especially as only a few xbox games actually cause the error. Once it dies I think a hard mod will be the way forward
  2. On the softmod I'm able to set the region and choose which region to run games on. I was trying to run in ntsc for better resolution. But regardless the games won't boot anyway. I do find it weird that some of the games will run without any issues though. And only some will trigger this error state.
  3. Dvd drive is a Philips. But as far as I'm aware the belt has been replaced. Hard drive has been upgraded.
  4. An update on this. Its definitely nothing to do with the region etc... And also to add, I doubt its actually an issue with the disk drive as this issue is happening when launching games installed on the hdd. When trying to launch some games that were pre-installed by the previous owner the games get stuck on their initial loading screen. Meaning I have to hit the power button as I can't get back to the dashboard. I'm then met with error 11 whenever I boot it back up until its been left for a while. Slightly confused by this. Any help would be great
  5. Thanks for the response. I did think that error 11 was dvd drive related but I'm fairly certain the console has a newer dvd drive fitted so I will check into this. I can't understand why the issue is only sometimes triggered and is resolved by powering off for 10+minutes. Any ideas if there are any other settings I need to enable other than just 480p, 720p and 1080i? Wondering if its even related to that. It can run coinops and ninja for a few hours without any issues, but seems to encounter quite a few issues when playing saved xbox games; mostly them not booting and then triggering this error upon restart... Thanks
  6. I'm running the Rocky softmod 1.1.6. I'm currently having issues running games in NTSC rather than my native PAL region. (Doing this for hd resolution) I have been running games in NTSC mode by doing the following: Going to video settings enabling 480p,720p and 1080i modes then saving these settings. I'll then go to whichever installed game I want to play, hit select and opt to run it in NTSC mode. Very small amount of installed games have worked, but more often than not they will freeze at the loading screen and I will be forced to power off. This then brings up error code 11 when I try reboot, which seems to be caused by the Xbox trying to reboot in NTSC. Fix for this I found is to switch it off again, and turn off its power source for 10 mins. Any ideas if I'm doing something wrong here?

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