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  1. I had originally bought the cheaper adapter on Amazon that didn't have a master/slave jumper. It worked fine for me in my TSOP flashed XBOX, however it would take an extra 30 seconds or so on boot before it would continue booting. I had originally thought it was just a a fact of life using a 2TB SATA drive, maybe extra spin up or initialization time or something. Then one day while working on an LED mod I had the XBOX apart and the DVD drive disconnected. Magically it booted immediately! Turns out the problem was the adapter defaulting to cable select, which took the extra 30-45 seconds to detect the drive when both IDE connecters were used. I bought the slightly more expensive adapter from Amazon that has a master/slave jumper and now the system boots immediately even with the DVD drive connected. So yeah, the cheaper one should work fine as long as you don't mind waiting the extra time for the drive to be detected (though I can't guarantee all adapters without the jumper will actually work), but I definitely recommend getting one with master/slave selection either way. Also worth noting that I did have to use an 80 wire cable as @samspin mentioned. It didn't work with the original 40 wire cable (I never tested it again on the new adapter, but I think they all require 80 wire). The adapter I ended up using that worked the best was the one from StarTech (though I bet there are various rebadged versions of the same thing). Here's the Amazon link to the exact one I bought: https://amazon.com/gp/product/B00EOJNGC2 @samspin thanks for the cable recommendation! I did manage to find a cable that I could make fit, but it's really messy and annoying to bend correctly. I'll look into getting one of those cables you're using, it looks much neater!

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