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  1. It does, well it did. I think it finally died a couple of hours ago actually. But up untill then the old drive worked perfectly fine. This is my first hard mod to an og Xbox so forgive me if I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to details. I installed and updated my Aladdin chip and have been able to play games off of my HDD for a while now but I wanted to upgrade past the 8 gig so I can play more than just halo before having to remove and add another game. The evo logo shows when booting up but them I get either an error 13 or 16. I got error code 9 once but I thing I messed something up because I've never seen that again.
  2. I am attempting to upgrade my HDD on my hard modded 1.0 but my system won't load truhexen from the DVD. It worked on the original drive so I believe I burned everything well enough but I keep getting error code 13 on the new drive. The cable has been replaced with an 80 pin. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.
  3. My power supply died recently and I'm looking to take readings to test different areas to rebuild it. I was curious if anybody had diagrams with ratings for the single row connector revision of the power supply? If not could I get ratings for the components that blew in the picture attached to this post?
  4. I recently got an Xbox v 1.1 and it worked for about a week. After cleaning it up and testing a few points to make sure things like caps didn't need replacing my psu stopped giving power to all the lines except the purple 3.3v line. It randomly let's me power it on and one of two things happen: 1.) The green light powers on for a second or two and then it shuts off. 2.) It flashes orange for about 2-5 seconds before powering off. It isn't consistent and only lets me power it on randomly. Any pointers on where to start looking on the psu before I start taking things apart further? Or is it possible it could be due to a fault on the main board that you guys know a little about?

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