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  1. Nope, Don't have that folder in there I deleted all the emulators on the system that could be conflicting with it, and the same thing happened. I also used a different FTP Client, and edited my evox.ini file to point to it. It didn't work there either. Is there anything else I'm missing? I know it's not a problem with the apps, because I put them on another system and it worked. If you want I can send some images of the file system to determine if there is anything conflicting. Thank you again for the help!
  2. Hello, I have an issue with 2 of my apps where if I reload them or try to load a game from them I get a black screen and nothing loads up after that. When I first start the apps they load fine. I have to reset the system to exit the apps to get back to the dashboard. I have changed directories, Installed both of them under F:\Applications and F:\Games. In both directories I get the same result. The Apps are: CoinOps8Lite and XBMC-EmuStation It is a hardmodded Xbox running Xecuter2 and the EvoX Dashboard. Is there something I have to change to get them to work? Thanks for the help!

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