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  1. Thanks SS Dave, I was able to flash the chip and it sees a 160GB IDE I had for testing. Just in case anyone else is doing the same, if you get an error when trying to flash see if the modchip has a jumper for flash. My only issue now is the junk SATA/PATA adapter I grabbed, but I'll work that out or order a startech. Edit- Thanks to KaosEngineer as well for the chip info!
  2. Hi, I have an OG Xbox with an unknow (to me) Mod, it was given to me maybe 10 years ago as it is now. The mod chip has a paper backing with no writing and the other side only has info re: the jumpers (pic), no identifiers that I could find. The boot screen shows XECUTER2 (pic) and the dashboard it goes to shows RemoteX v1.8.2812. It'll play backed up games and had one game loaded to the HDD listed in apps (not games), but due to E: being low on free space I deleted the data files for said game so it is up to over 4GB free now. I tried to upgrade the HDD with a 500GB SATA HDD using
  3. Hi All, New member here, first post. I've had an OG Xbox for quite a while but sadly it was collecting dust until recently, it was cleaned up and I got the itch to play a few games. I think it has a modchip but that's up for debate, partly why I'm here and what my next post will be. Well hello from CT and hopefully I can contribute outside of just leeching some answers. Thanks Blastoid84

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