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  1. I did like you said. Took out the drive, connected it to a sata to usb adapter and used Fatxplorer. Much quicker and no issues backing up F+G. Thanks Ive been tinkering about with XBPartitioner. These are the extended partition schemes that I've tried in XBPartitioner. All within iND-BiOS 5003.67. F Drive - 120gb, 16kb Clusters. G Drive - Not Used ***Working*** F Drive - 924gb, 64kb Clusters. G Drive - Not Used ***Working*** F Drive - 462gb , 32kb Clusters. G Drive - 462gb, 32kb Clusters *** Working*** F Drive - 120gb, 32kb Clusters. G Drive - 803gb, 64kb Clusters ***Not Working*** I have also tried a number of custom schemes. It seems that if I change G drive to anything beyond a 32kb cluster then iND-BiOS will not detect it. More information for anyone that reads this. My hard drive is a Western Digital 1TB WD10EZEX and I am using an 80 conductor IDE ribbon. I'm happy to split the drive equally into F+G. Is there anything you guys want me to try before I start to fill the HDD again?
  2. Unfortunately it dosn't support extra ram so I dont think thats an option for me Do any of you use synology DSM File Station for ftp? Would you recommend it?
  3. Yeah I followed your instruction. I moved the config files to there appropriate directory, flashed the bios and booted into each bios. With the X2 bios I could access G Partition in xbmc4gamers and other dashboards (emustation, avalaunch) With the iND-BiOS I had the same issue as before. No G partition. I also flashed with FlashX and Xblastos just to be sure something wasn't happening there. No difference. I thought initially that I had to have two seperate extended partitions for HDD's over 500gb's for that to work properly. I've realised that is only needed for HDD's over 1tb. So there is no reason I cant make one single extended F drive. Once I backup my data I will try a few different scheme's and see if the extended drives are detected in the iND-BiOS.
  4. Apologies. You had asked to make sure that G drive is enabled in the replacement dashboards I use. I enabled G drive from within the other dashboards. I still wasn't able to access the G drive when using the iND-BiOS Edit: I'm assuming you mean that if I use EvolutionX dashboard for example. That I should enable G drive in the settings
  5. Im going to back up my data and reformat the 5th and 7th partition. Ill try the same format I have now (6th partition 16kb clusters and 7th partition 64kb clusters) I will also split the extended partitions equally (two 32kb clusters). It will take some time to move my game files to my nas. Ill let you know the results probably next year (or hopefully sunday) Edit: G drive was enabled in other dashboards. Still no detection of the drive
  6. I think I might do this. I have it in my head that something went wrong during the format of the hard drive. I would hate for my game files to somehow become corrupted. The cluster size of the 7th Partition is 64kb. Heres a picture of the disk.bin contents.
  7. I could reformat. I have about 800gb of data which I need to backup before I reformat. This will take quite some time so im not too keen on that Is it possible to have two instances of X2-5035 with two different config files?
  8. Notice in this picture with a bios that detects the G partition you can see the cluster size in the extended partition Then notice in this next picture with the iND-BiOS the cluster size is missing Edit also the LBA48 patch is defferent (v3 and v16) Edit SS_Dave these pictures are with the bios you sent me. The first image being the X2 bios and the second being the iND-BiOS
  9. Hi guys It was the bios labeled "iND-BiOS.5003.67.bin" 256k. I believe I used the config file in bios/indconfig/untouched. However, I edited this with the config app. My intention is to have two iND-BiOS. One to boot to 4Gamers and one to boot to Emustation. I could then switch between them with the X2.6 bank switch. So to do this I created two config files "ind-config-b1.cfg" and "ind-config-b2.cfg". I then edited the bios files within the iND-BiOS config app to point to each of these config files on E partition. I had no reason to change the directory of the config files other than thats were the rest of my files where (dashboards, apps etc). They do seem to work. Each with differently edited flubber animations and colours. The only ceveat being that they aren't detecting G partition. Great work on the installer disc! I'm on windows 10 also. I cant say I had any issues running this app. It all seemed to work fine. Yes there is this option. There reason I wanted to use this feature is so I can run two instances of the iND-BiOS with their own configuration Yes I did. I kept a known working bios on one bank and flashed my edited iND-BiOS to the other bank. The seems to work to my knowledge but just wont detect the G partition. I have also tried Sweetdarkdestinys un-edited iND-BiOS and config file within the C partition. Still the same result, no G partition. I appreciate your time. I cant help thinking that Ive made an error when formating the new hard drive. Im going to post a couple more pictures of XBPartitioner Thanks
  10. I boot into 4Gamers from the iND bios. I press the black button and it says G: Unavailable. When I enter the file manager and try to click on the G partition it says something like Remote Share: Unavailable or path dosnt exist. Not just in 4Gamers but any other dashboard also the same result. No access G partition. I'll take some pictures tomorrow. Unfortunately I have work in the morning so I need to go to sleep. Speak tomorrow. Thanks for your help
  11. Making progress. The X2 bios works. Its detecting my additional ram and also detecting G partition and its contents. The iND-BiOS however still isn't detecting the G partition. Strange. I guess I can just stick with the X2 bios. Is there any other troubleshooting I could do to figure out why the iND-BiOS isnt working as intended? Thanks very much dave
  12. My default dash is XBMC4Gamers. I have tried to access G partition with other dasboards (XBMC-Emustation, Avalaunch) but I can only access the partition with M8 bios.
  13. Unfortunately that hasn't worked. Some more information. I have and x2.6 modchip. Two bios banks. In order to flash the iND-BiOS I create a config file with IND-Bios Config App v0.4.30 and change and point the bios to E partition where I keep the config file. I then change the bios size to 512k so I can fit two 512k bios on my modchip. Then I flash it with FlashX V1.2 Xecuter. Maybe I have caused an issue in this process? Thanks
  14. Hi Dave I got the bios from sweetdarkdestiny's OGXbox Installer disc. I have an edited config file on my E Partition with the bios pointing to it. It all seems to work fine (edited blob etc.) I havn't tried the 5004.67 yet. ill give it a try now Thanks

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