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  1. Thank you guys, really appreciate it, will try these workarrounds and get back to report,thank you!
  2. Will try that,thank you SS_Dave, its funny when in modchip mode( orange solid light ), and retail 8 GB HDD, SLAYERS OR HEXEN boots right away (with the dvd in the drive), but when i put fresh ata HDD, the dvd doesnt get to boot, like it needs the DASHBOARD TO BOOT FROM DVD, AND THEN I GET ERROR 16,EVEN IF IM IN MODCHIP MODE. Additional info from slayers disc, if it is worth for anything: BIOS : M8 plus Official .06 KERNEL: 1.00.5838.01 EvolutionX V+3935 Thank you
  3. First of all, thank you dear community for the oportunity to be a part of something good! I have a strange problem, have xbox 1.4 with aladdin XS MODCHIP, an older modchip ,but nonetheless it is working, As i want to upgrade to larger HDD, i pot-ed thomson drive, because it was failing, i put the 80 gb hdd, but i get error 13 and/or 16, the problem is that hexen or slayers cant read dvd from the first try,and always it can read from the second,third,etc.Also reads backups and reads hexen and slayers from retail HDD. Orange light is ok,evox sign is in the left-upper corner,

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