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  1. The games are in a games folder on those partitions. I tried both running it out of applications and through file manager. It says the same this "Config Magic" corrupted or damaged. When I had tried it through manually it wouldn't go past the subfolder. I just thought I would ask. Yes I did do that. I am currently transferring the files to just the "games" directory on the partitions. Might take awhile but... Yeah.
  2. Hi, I am trying to download art for my games on my Xbox. The problem is when I start it it gives an error when I start the process with Magic Config. It says it is corrupted or damaged. The process stops afterwards. My console is hard modded with OpenXenuim and the OGXBOX installer 2021. What I am thinking it is that all my games are in subfolder either by category or by letter. I am thinking that is what is causing the problem. I just want to know if that is the case before I start reorganizing and... reorganizing. If it ain't that, put me in the right direction.
  3. Actually I fixed this issue by deleting F and G so they did not exist, formatting and rebooting in OGXBOX Installer. I re-added them the next boot by a 50/50 partition by the amount of space between them. I added all the stuff I wanted. So that fixed it. What I noticed before was a ER where the number ex. 32 next to the partition. So, I did that. If it looked like I was blaming someone but I just didn't know. https://www.flickr.com/photos/192333431@N02/shares/79267J I haven't the slightest clue. I took a photo for reference. It kind of does with the logo....
  4. Like explained to you before the bios will not flash on to my chip. It just won't. It says I'm doing a WINBON TSOP after I go into the modchip selection to flash the modchip. Why it does that. I don't know. It also says the chip is protected at on the main screen describing that stats of my machine on the right. Maybe that is the problem? I'll format it again and see if that is the issue. I'm just trying to understand what I am doing wrong. That is all. I am by no means an expert. I'll do it again and get back to you in a couple of days.
  5. Bios is EvoX.m8.cee.67.noDVD.XBMC.256. I used the XBPartitioner. Is there some special way of doing it? Matterfactly I did but it I did it a second time after format after the set up. Is that the correct way of doing it? I can always do it again. I just want to know if it is something I did other than those things you had described. Maybe I'm just forgetful... We don't all get it right the first time. Hahaha.
  6. Yeah, all I was using was the F partition. G is available but I can transfer but probably stop at around 200 GB.
  7. Hi, I have a hard modded OpenXenium chip with a 1 TB WD Blue HDD. I have everything set up and I am trying to get more than 200 GB - with more than > 200 GB left on a partition. Filezilla is not letting me do that. I am just trying to transfer the titles. They are all HDD ready for transfer but they do not go through at a certain point. They all become failed transfers. The bios I am using is unleashed x from the OGXBOX installer. It was not flashed by the program but was transferred by my network. It is a CEE bios. I switch dashboard sometimes. The only one that I have on

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