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  1. Thank you! >1 of the switches is chip enable and disable there is also a bank 1 and 2 and write enable/disable to stop it been reflashed So, really, unless we ever try to re-flash it (for a larger hard drive, etc.), the only switch that matters is "chip enable/disable", correct?
  2. Here's a pic. Please let me know if it is not clear enough, or if you need another angle, etc.
  3. I'll try to get a pic, but I know for sure that the LED only turns red and green.
  4. It has literally been over 10 years since I've played it. One of the bootup screens says "Xecutor2" at the bottom, so that tells me that much at least. My main question is the three (3) dip switches on the front of the console. Someone else installed it for me, and I forget what each of them does. I think that the left-most one controls whether or not the modchip is active; you wanted to toggle that one off if you ever went onto XBox Live, I think. Can anyone help?

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