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    Halo 1 NHE

    I will try the XBMC dashboard. I have the TrueHeXEn 2020 disc would the XBMC app on there be the best version or can I just delete the current and FTP the link above? I know a couple of the Xboxes only have HeXEn 2018 with 1 click Krayzies installed I think this one still doesn't read the Server game. Is there an easy and better way I should be modding these? It (HeXEn 2018) was the first thing I had found in 2018 when I first started modding these Xboxes so we could play off of HDD's instead of discs. And yes a few of the Xboxes don't have optical drives and they boot fine.
  2. OG_Lan

    Halo 1 NHE

    Soft modded and TSOP flashed I think 5035 bios. It's a V1.0 Xbox. But I'm having the issue with 5 other boxes that are V1.1 to V1.6. I'm guessing it's something simple I not super savvy with modding. I've got about 15 Xboxes that I'm trying to update to NHE. They are all soft modded some have TSOP flashed and larger HDD's. I've used HeXen disc for all of them. I've been using the EvoX dashboard so it's simple for everyone to use when we have LAN parties.
  3. OG_Lan

    Halo 1 NHE

    Need some help. I FTP'd the latest Halo 1 NHE v1.0 game to my Xbox. I installed it to my F:Games folder. The regular NHE game runs fine. When I try to launch the NHE (Server) game it says loading... then it sends me back to my EvoX dashboard. The file size for the server game is on 254kb and the regular NHE game is roughly 650MB. What am I missing?
  4. Hello, Just signed up. I'm in NE Iowa and have been soft modding for a few years to keep our fleet of Xbox's working and not use discs anymore for our LAN parties. We normally LAN a few times a year (except for 2020) and hope to resume soon. I enjoy this site and decided to member up. Thank you.

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