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  1. Ahh I see, so now I'm familiar with its use, how would I know which points should be connected? I did have a look around, but the tuts we're all for 1.5 or lower .
  2. I really don't mean to be a nuisance, but how am I doing that? I have a multi and everything, just never really used the things. Again, thanks for your help
  3. Hi Dave, So far I've tried each different configuration ie. drive in, drive out, dvd with drive etc. Still fragging. As for shorts on the pins, I just can't work out where to go from here. Only thing of major concern to me was spatter on a pad which I did my best to remove. Situated either under the GPU or CPU I forget which one circled. What would you suggest at this stage?
  4. I managed to clean it up with IPA as best as I could and retake.
  5. Hi all, I've recently decided to get back into the Xbox scene again after quite a few years. I'd seen that the OpenXenium modchip was one of the easiest and most up to date chips so I bought one to fit into my 1.6 crystal. I decided on using an LPC board instead of choosing a wired install but I found it really clunky, and was having trouble getting it to boot. I decided, after numerous attempts to get things running, to remove the board and wire up instead. I have checked the joints and checked the board for spatter, removing what I can as and when I come across it. I'm now sitting

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