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  1. It is a old weird setup. That ****** takes me to this https://ibb.co/1vGvMgG Asked in reddit and someone told me to try "A Y B X" No luck.. LOL Grabar or Record doesn't do anything. There is no "Network settings" from this dashboard. I can go to the original dashboard and then go to settings and there I can find a "Network settings" option but when I click on it it just takes me back to the Unleash X home dashboard. Definetly this is the work of a genius!! Hahaha
  2. Tried that and no luck :C That is correct it's just from the room file explorator from the Xboy Advance emulator. This Unleash X version doesn't have a file manager for reasons that I can only theorize. I guess that the person who mounted this was someone from a shop and they wanted to keep the customer with them so they locked every possibility for the client itself or someone else to access the console and modify it.
  3. Hi thanks to all for your replies. So here is were I am at, due to the fact that looks nearly imposible to find the ftp information. I got my self an USB adapter to plug the HDD to my PC. https://ibb.co/ZfRSmJY I did that and tried to open it with FATXplorer but it doesn't find the HDD. I read that it may be because is locked... So I don't know how to proceed from here. https://ibb.co/TWL9vGW Any suggestions? And again thanks a lot!!
  4. New to the forum and to the topic in general. The console was given to me by a friend, it comes loaded with some version of Unleash X. I have been trying to connect via FTP to load more games (DVD reader is broken). Sadly i don't know the credentials and not finding any way inside the dashboard to go to the config.xml file to get them. I read about FATXplorer so I guess that if I don't find any alternative from inside. I can always just plug in and look for the file on my PC but I will like to avoid buying all the adapters just for a one time use. Couple of pics from the menus that I can access (In Spanish lol) https://ibb.co/XWMmkfn https://ibb.co/C8GHv9J https://ibb.co/kJ0y2tF

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