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  1. I have like an external molex PSU for powering hard drives, but it refuses to supply power with fans unless it's broken. Also threw away all my old PC power supplies, so the extra xbox is coming in handy. Guess it's very not standard then, since on a normal ATX PSU you just have to bridge green with ground? It's powering a PC fan controller so I can easily change the speed of the fan. And it's 100% a 1.6, as it's missing the 4 wires in the middle. Looks like it's white/blue for the 1.6 PSU then?
  2. Found the pin out https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24-xbox-power-supply-pinouts/ So I need to bridge white to black, think it's a 1.6v But do I also need to bridge blue to black to keep it powered on? It's going to power one fan for a 3D printer using the molex connector

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