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  1. After several more days of learning. Displays LOADING IND-BIOS at startup The flubber animation is a bluish color and not green The XBOX logo screen is blue and white, and says XBOX below the big X thing. The mobo has the USB daughter card, which I believe is 1.0 only. Seems pretty clear it's a TSOPd 1.0. Kernel says 1.0.5004.67, which doesn't seem match the "figoure out your revision" list, but I've seen mention of IND bioses 5003 and 5004. Currently just backing up that 2TB hard drive. I wasn't able to do the unlocked hot-swap and Xplorer360 thing to copy f
  2. Dave, thanks for your time. What is a "non softmod hard drive"? My current knowledge is that you can't upgrade a hard drive without softmod/TSOP or a chip. Again, I've only been at this for 10 days. 11 now, I guess.
  3. This showed up on my local Craigslist and I picked it up. It's one of those 2TB jobbers. I've never had an Xbox so I've learned quite a bit in the past 10 days. I still haven't figured out if it is a 1.0 or a 1.1. No fan on the heatsink, but unleashedX is telling me it is 1.0. I'm not sure it matters to figure that out. The question is - does this pic show evidence of TSOP? I haven't pulled the mobo out to see of there is something similar at R7R3. Also, my C drive has a folder called bios and it sure looks like it has bios images in it. As far as I can tell so far, those are

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