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  1. Location is Toledo, OH. Unable to determine version right now bc the sticker label has been worn and all numbers are no longer. I will try to getting into the xbox later in the day.
  2. Recently bought myself a og Xbox and was wondering if I could get it shipped would anyone be interesting in assisting with upgrading the hardware and soft modding it for me. I am really interested in doing so but am not so savvy about it all bc it’s all still new to me. Or is there someone out there who does this as a service? I have been binging all about it via YouTube and just found a channel called ‘retro pro frank’ and his 2TB HARD MODDED OG XBX WITH XECUTER XBMC and it is amazing!!
  3. I saw a YouTube video where a guy said that the UI original Xbox would not work after modding it. After modding and updated the hardware would the box still be able to read original Xbox game disc?
  4. Hello, You can call me spoon! HA. As the Series XlS shake up the world with its’ release, I took it back and bought the OG. Xbox 2001-2004 for its nostalgic appearance and number of games that are not backwards compatible to this day. My question, what pieces of hardware and software program would allow me to upgrade my og. Xbox without jeopardizing it’s lifespan? I just want to upgrade the Xbox without having to download a ton of games that I don’t want into it.

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