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  1. @phrunt @KaosEngineer @SS_Dave @sweetdarkdestiny I want to thx every one of you for assisting me in my journey. I am now a proud Dad of a 2 Terrabyte Xbox I watched the Video about the Stardock and cheap solution from OGxbox YouTube channel and I get my hands on an original Stardock. Not a single Problem and its way faster. Even WD Green are no Problem. A last question: What is the clearest dashboard. The default has a list that is not long in addition, which is a real test with 200 plus games there is something to be found. Have a nice one^^
  2. Yes it's the sad truth. Bad i found a solution. I own the Original, so I have found a US Iso and use this. No bad feeling s from my part. If the Pal guys are so incompetent this is only self-defense EDIT: ok no solution the iso i found is only a video DVD. So back to square one Oh and another question but i don't think i have to open a new post, what do you think of this problem:
  3. I have both Dark Alliance Games on the Xbox. The second works awesome in 480p but the first only displays a black screen if i start in HD modes enabled. As soon i activate the standart PAL mode it works. Is there a way or a patch i can use this whit HD modes?
  4. I tried Booth. WD Drive utils doesn't find my Hard disk. And Crystal I can't change anything. But thanks for the try.
  5. I order one and its on the Way. As soon i have it and tested it i give feedback. But for the start this adapter looks way more Professional than the one i have here. I have no Problem its more costly. I just want a working and reliable product. Better spend more and happy then save a nickle and be disappointed. @SS_Dave I have tried the Wdidle3 and i am afraid i am not able to do this. My days in Dos are way beyond me. I have tried it with the CMD from Windows but its 64 and I can't use it. The Tutorials i found are all on Bios Level and i am not comfortable to mess on this l
  6. I tried a WD2500 what should work and also no success. I think the Adapter is garbage. I send it back and buy it elsewhere. Problem is I find only Amazon in the EU have it to sell. So if I send it back what guarantee me I become not the same I send back. It's a real bummer. Anyway thanks to all of you, you are all Awesome^^
  7. I have tested it whit a couple: 3.5 Zoll - Seagate 2 tb, Western Digital green 1.5TB, Western Digital green 2tb 2.5 zoll - Toshiba 320 gb, Fujitsu 120 gb How big is the chance no one works? Serious question Yes amazon german because i am from Austria my friend Problem is i don't need a 2tb drive. But its something i have at home. The prizes for 500 GB or so are stupid. Like collectors prizes.
  8. @SS_Dave The new Bios is flashed and i have an Evo Startup. But... The hard drive is not recognized and I have an Error 07. I am using this adapter: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07TBDKD2F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And I'm using a Western Digital Green 2 terabytes. I formatted it in Windows and specified a cluster size of 64kb. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. If I attach the original 80 gigabyte hard drive with the 80 pin cable, everything works fine and I can start games that were previously on my hard drive via the blue standard da
  9. Sorry for the late reply, daily Post limit. Its a real Pain in case of Technical questions. How do i look onto C i have no idea how to attach the ID drive to my PC? Thanks In an other launcher it says Bios Unknown I hear from many sides EvoXM8 is the best choice. I will use this as well. Thanks And yes i will put a fan on my heat sink don't worry.
  10. I have the Hexen 2017 Disc here, i want to use this version. Someone tells me the EvoxM8+ is the best. What are you're thoughts on this? Yes i remove it because it makes no difference, but i will 3D Print me an adapter and put a Noctua Fan on it. I know total Overkill but i can't resist
  11. The Openxdk logo is displayed right under the xbox logo. Like the Microsoft logo, same place. I made this from the inside maybe it helps. https://imgur.com/ErXgg1g https://imgur.com/rmOzsu7 https://imgur.com/lQ6twuu https://imgur.com/pxoQ7Uv
  12. Hello friends I opened my Xbox today to see which mod chip is installed because I bought the device used. It turned out to be a Super Aladdin live chip. I would like to install a larger hard drive with 2TB. I've already ordered the adapter and cables. Now I am wondering if I have to flash my BIOS and which one I should use on this chip. Since I almost never flash, I have to rely on external help. I have already figured out how to format the hard drive with Hexen. It looks like I have Evolution X as an app on the device, only the sign is not displayed to me when booting. My Xbox says OPEN
  13. Hey Friendos i send you lovely greetings from Austria the home of the Mozartkugel^^

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