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  1. Sorry for the slow update. Parts finally arrived and turns out it was the hard drive what was the problem and its all sorted now. Thanks for the help
  2. Ordered the parts, waiting for delivery, will message again if I get stuck again. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Would something like this be compatible if I was to get an adaptor? Thanks
  4. thanks, going to go for a cheap one to begin with for now incase its not the full solution
  5. w Will any Hdd work or does it need to be a certain kind. I'm all new to this kind of thing so not that clued up sorry
  6. just plugged in a new IDE and showing up as error 16 now, cables into hdd are tight and not loose
  7. Will source a new ide lead tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks
  8. I'm unsure, I would have only been around the age of 11 when it was working. Once the 360 came out I think it got boxed up so I cant imagine a softmod being installed either.
  9. Just got round to trying these, dvd unplugged - error 7 hdd unplugged - error 7 both unplugged - error 7 Tried with an unused dvd and cant recognise the disc, im assuming i have a faulty dvd drive? **EDIT** if i quick press the power button rather than hold it in, i get error 11 with no dvd, but still error 7 with no hdd.
  10. Is it possible to somehow save this?
  11. Yep, tried the agent under fire, on the stock hard drive I can somehow get to the stock xbox dashboard but then fails to read any disc. Was a bit unsure as to why the blank screen
  12. Hi, recently got my xbox out of the loft, must have been there at least 10-12 years. It has an aladdin modchip inside and when booted up holding the power button shows executer2 under the xbox logo. I've been getting the error 16 code when booted up normal and if I put my original hard drive in i get error 5. Ive removed the clock capacitor and cleaned up around the area it was. I've tried to use both hexen and slayer dvd-r both burned using imgburn at 2x speed but after the flubber animation and xbox logo the screen goes blank. I've left the xbox running whilst on blank screen for around 2 hours to see if there is any change but there isn't. Xbox had Agent under fire in with it also so I'm assuming it has something to do with the modchip? I'm also new to all this modchip etc Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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