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  1. I have tried a separate 80 wire IDE cable and 2 separate SATA/IDE adaptors, to no avail. When I attempt to unlock the drive via Chimp I get the same result no matter which option I choose, "hdtool: illegal option --d". Is there a way to unlock this drive via PC to try again? I can't seem to get my pc to recognize the drive.
  2. Hello, I came across this site while searching for solutions to my problem. I was attempting to upgrade my XBOX HDD to a 1 TB WD SATA drive that is listed as lockable. I followed Mr. Mario's tutorial on Youtube to a T, and it appeared to be successful, however upon powering up with the new HDD in place of the old I get error 07 and on occasion 09. When going back and attempting to use Chimp to re-clone the original HDD to the new drive, the new drive cannot be altered due to it being locked. Attempts to unlock the HDD via the Unlock Slave Drive menu in Chimp do not work, all of which lead

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