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  1. Hello @SandwichLove, this happened to me yesterday. My fix was changing the region to NTSC as the game I was trying to play was the USA version of a game, while my console is a PAL version. I would also get audio, could press buttons, but couldn't see anything. Is the games you're trying to play from the same region as your xbox? A softmod makes it possible to change region from PAL to NTSC. Not sure if this is what will fix your problem, but it fixed mine.
  2. Welcome to the community! We all love the OG here Enjoy your stay. - Fixified
  3. Welcome to the community! - Fixified
  4. Thank you for your replies! What I've done for now: Flashed X2-5035.67 bios to TSOP (Successfully) Cleaned CPU/GPU and applied fresh thermal paste. Cleaned motherboard/fans/case. Removed clock capacitor. What I'll be doing next is to figure out which dashboard I want to be using and upgrading the HDD to 1TB. I just have to wait until I receive my PATA TO SATA adapter. I'll also be receiving another XBOX some time next week. Thanks for all the great help! - Fixified
  5. Hello! So after some suggestions from people here on the forum, I decided to attempt TSOPing my 1.0 xbox. Now, I haven't soldered for 4-5 years, and haven't touched an xbox since I moved abroad (have now moved back), so I don't remember much about the whole process. Didn't want to wait for flux because it wouldn't arrive for another 3 days, so I did the bridging without it. (Success btw) Now, for the flashing part, I'm wondering what bios you guys would suggest as the chip has a 1mb bank, and which CD you would recommend for setting the whole thing up (Hexen, Slayer etc). I know this is a bunch of NoOb questions, but I haven't been in the scene for a couple years. Looking forward to your replies! - Fixified
  6. Thank you for all the help! Ended up having to order the solder and flux online as my company due to new legislation. Picked up the soldering station, some extra tips, and desolder wick. Solder is of the brand Stannol, melting point 186c, mix is 60/40 (Sn60/Pb40). Looking forward to get practicing after years! Best, - Fixified
  7. Thank you for your replies! I've sourced both flux and solder from a local store, but not quiet sure if it's the one to get. Says this one is a 60/40 mix, and this was the only rosin based flux I was able to find locally. Is there any reason why a pen or syringe would be better? Thanks in advance - Fixified
  8. Hello everyone! I'm a new member from Norway who's looking to get back into the XBOX Community. Had to sell off my collection due to moving abroad, but have now moved back and realized my mistake. Currently buying a few xboxes, and looking to do some modding. Haven't soldered anything in years, but have watched a bunch of videos lately on xbox mods. If anyone has any recommendations on what Solder or Flux to use, I'd gladly take all the help I can get! Locally it seems as if I can only get lead free solder. I'm purchasing a Dibotech zd 8936 soldering station locally, and I'll be ordering some 30 AWG Solid core wire off eBay. I'm glad to be back, and looking forward to being a part of this forum!

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