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  1. ITS NOT DEAD! It was FRAGing because I didn’t have the disc drive or hard drive attached. I haven’t tested RAM yet but it’s working which is more than enough. Thank you all so much for your help!
  2. I got a magnifying glass and went over everything, found two bridges. I got some alcohol and cleaned all the flux thoroughly as I’d sort of left it sitting there. And... FRAG! I don’t know whether FRAG is an improvement from the red orange flashing but I feel like it is. Anyone know what fragging means during a RAM upgrade? I’m guessing it’s just another bridge or two I’ve missed but if anyone knows that’d be great. Thanks for all the help so far!
  3. No worries, if I get it working I could always mod the second xbox and sell it to one of my mates
  4. I'm in Northern Ireland but at uni in Cambridge (but summer holidays at the moment).
  5. Think the best option could be to get another Xbox, both to use the modchip to fix my current one and/or as a replacement should it be dead. I don't have a heat gun (and don't really want to spend the money on one, I'm a uni student hahaha) so I'm a bit stuck on the removal option.
  6. I feel I don't have instant boot turned on. Is that when you press the power button it boots into your default BIOS e.g. my default BIOS was X2.5035 so when I pressed the power button I would boot into that?
  7. Is instant boot different from setting it as the default BIOS? I had it in the bank and when I set it to boot crcwell.bin by default my Xbox was fragging.
  8. Unfortunately I don't have another Xbox to use. XBlast is the OS and cromwell is the BIOS right? I have crcwell.bin on the chip but if I try boot it the Xbox just frags. Is that because I don't have XBlastOS.xbe set as some sort of instant boot?
  9. I'll get a magnifier tomorrow and see if there are any bridges. Fingers crossed I find some because I really don't want to have a dead xbox . Are all RAM chips compatible with all versions?
  10. I’ll make sure to check now, one issue is I don’t know if any pins on the chips are supposed to be connected so even if there are no bridges they still could be showing continuity.
  11. I have a v1.0 and an OpenXenium chip and unfortunately XBlast bios is incompatible with both
  12. Here are the photos of each ram chip. I know some pads are lifted but I compared them with the pin out and they aren’t connected to anything.
  13. I tried to upgrade my V1.0 Xbox with 4 Samsung version F RAM chips but it won’t boot. I’ve got an OpenXenium mod chip installed but I’ve tried booting both with and without yet it still flashes. Anyone know what this means/ anyway to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated.

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