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  1. Ging3rguy, My original intention was to snag the art work downloader. After seeing all the game add-ons available I'm twics as anxious to get it going . Ss_Dave It is indeed the default dashboard.
  2. Thanks for the reply Dave. I tried all settings; DHCP, dashboard, and static with the same outcome. I also changed DNS servers just in case. No luck so far
  3. I have manually checked for updates and nothing is available once I'm in the build I mentioned above. How does one go about getting this experimental build that is referenced. The process I took was Download precompiled build from GitHub Ftp over to Xbox Load xbmc4g Go to url downloaded and download latest test build 10/04/2020 Launch test build Urldownloader failed due to no interweb
  4. Hi all, New user here and I am excited to get things going. As the title states, I am receiving an error when attempting to launch the urldownloader included with v 10/04/2020. Based on the changelog, it states that URLDownloader was updated to include v 1.0.18, but when launching the downloader, it states it is 1.0.17 in the bottom bar. Note that my internet connection is perfectly fine as I was able to update from the latest stable build to this test build I am currently using. Google searches have thus far turned up empty so I figured this was a good place to post about it. Can anyone help me out? Debug log attached xbmc.log

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