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  1. yes, I have the SC game save and the softmodding tool game save as well
  2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. To put it succinctly: a few were things I'd already done but not listed, I tried a few of the suggestions and have a few more to go. An alternative exploitable game is on the way and I'm working up the fortitude for the soldering requirements of a mod chip (not there, but working on it). I will post any break through. Stephen
  3. no Ging3rguy it is not already softmodded
  4. I've tried component (blue-green-red) and composite (yellow) leads with the same result. Yes, I'm sure it isn't hard modded - its a one owner XBOX and I did replace the DVD drive many years ago and I was the first to open it at that time
  5. I've been trying to install the Rocky5 softmod on a v1.6 and I keep hitting the same wall. I've scoured the forums and tried every suggestion found with no difference and I'm appealing for more ideas/suggestions. Using SC, I load the Linux profile and click the next screen for checkpoints, then screen goes black. There is no response or activity on the XBOX - no sound of drives moving, no change in LED color. I've waited some time and nothing more. - Swapped component and composite cables and 2 different TVs. Tried with component cable and set to "Normal", tried with composite cable - recopied the game save to USB and to XBOX hdd. -confirmed NTSC game version -tried with multiple SC saves (tested game, it works) and with none (original attempts and after deleting test profile) The version of SC will play - I made a new profile and started it, then deleted that profile. I know in advance that I should just put in a mod chip.... walking before I run Thank you Rocky5 for the hard work on the softmod and MrMario for the instructional video that I apparently needed. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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