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  1. Thanks man, GoTeamScotch updated above, ill have a crack at the D0 point he mentioned. You are all great and I appreciate it.
  2. Dude, cannot thank you enough ... I will have a look and let you know, I like this community !! always on hand to help
  3. Hiya everyone, very new to this modding business and was hoping for some help, I have soft modded my OG xbox and thought about purchasing a pre chipped modded xbox to have a tinker with, get me "into it" so to speak. The pictures enclosed are of that chipped xbox. when I got it it worked straight away and was spot on for a few days then the chip didnt seem to be lighting up anymore one day. I opened it and could see that a wire had come loose. I have not a jot on where to solder it so thought id set my 1st topic away if anyone can help.

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