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  1. Got some good news and bad news. Bad news is I got the wrong component cable from ebay, so going to get a return on that shortly. Good news is I got a Original Xbox, OEM Compoenent Cable, and a Duke Controller all for around $75 on Ebay and it should be here sometime next week. Really lucked out on that score. Now with a system that is advertised as working now we can really trouble shoot my xbox and figure out what the problem is. Thanks, Sam
  2. To prove it’s not the tv. I have plugged in my Xbox to an LED display and it is still showing all the graphical errors as it does on my plasma. I really do think something is wrong with the CPU. If it was a cable or tv issue I think it would look more like an overlay with the dots. The dots/artifacts. It’s as if the dots are on the texture of the game itself... Really interesting to look at and the mystery continues. thank you all for the support you are giving me and I know we will root this problem out Thanks
  3. After further investigation of the problem, I really don't think it is the AV cables. Here are pictures of the artifacts coming up on my screen. They are as if it is in the game itself which is bringing me to the fact that it might be the CPU. If it was the cables the artifacts would look more like an overlay that is happening on the front of the screen, but these artifacts are in game. Here are the pics of my screen with two different games playing. I really don't want to replace the motherboard which is pretty much just replacing the xbox, but it is looking like that is the only way of fixing it. https://imgur.com/a/ELZhnX3 https://imgur.com/a/tbQELgZ
  4. I hope you are right about the new cable coming in is going to fix my problem. I have tested it with 3 cables. 2 no names and a mad catz. All giving me the same artifacts.
  5. What do you mean by AV lead? Is that the AV Cable? And as for cables I have 2 aftermarket cables one a cheap component and the other a s-video. I have recently ordered a nice psyclone component cable that should be here by Saturday, because I still think it could possibly be the cable. I wish I had a OEM cable to truly test it on or a second working xbox to truly prove if it is the cable. What other possibilities do you think it could be other than the cable? Thanks, Sam
  6. Here is the update and I did everything you specified. I removed the clock capacitor and replaced the three bulging caps. Sadly I am still getting red and green dots on my screen. I have no idea where it is coming from. Here are update pics of my Xbox.
  7. Ok I got my xbox cracked open, now I just need to replace the caps specified and just straight up remove the clock cap. Here is a pic of the inside of my xbox, looks like no serious damage has been done yet, but still not sure if this is going to fix my graphical issues in game. Also, what capacitors should I order? Thanks for the help I will keep you posted when I get this step done.
  8. Been doing some research and figured out it could be the clock capacitors? Is that what you are talking about? Why would the clock capacitors affect the video quality of my xbox?
  9. I am quite new to the ogxbox game, but as for version I am not quite sure which one I have as to specifically check I think I need to crack it open which I have never done with this xbox. Date of MFG is 2003-06-16 SN: 4022445 32505 Product ID: 142 4022445 32505 Hopefully this is helpful information. Would you recommend me cracking my xbox to see the CPU heatsink?
  10. Hello, I am currently getting red and green flickering artifacts on my screen with all games with my Xbox. Not sure what the problem is. I have tried multiple different AV cables, televisions, and games thinking thinking that might have been the problem. But, it seems there is some major graphical error wrong with my Xbox, and googling the problem has not been easy. Does anyone know if there is a fix Thanks, Sam

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