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  1. Clock Capacitor Removal

    So if the capacitor has already leaked onto my MB I should be able to repair it and carry on? I plan to back up the HDD and null EEPROM this weekend then remove the Capacitor. I’m not really good with soldering, can I snap it off? (I felt your cringe)
  2. Clock Capacitor Removal

    I’m new to the modding scene, and I’m not an electronics wizard or software genius. I have a 1.1 and I keep seeing that I should absolutely move the clock capacitor. I have looked into why, and I guess it has a tendency to leak all over the MB? Can somebody clarify this for me? (This is the best spot I thought to post this due to motherboard alteration)
  3. Feels Good To Rock Og.

    I really appreciate an in depth reply, especially this quick. I’m going to get all the software needed downloaded after work, Im still waiting on my Xbox-female USB connector to come in today and I’ll tackle softmod this weekend. Seriously though, thank you. Lol
  4. Hello everybody, I am new to the Xbox modding community, but I figured I’d learn what I’m doing. I bought the OGX the first day it came out, and I’ve had the same console ever since. It followed me through my middle, high school, the military and multiple countries. Over the 18 or so years I’ve had it, she’s gained some memories and a lot of saves. Some of the saves are ghosts in racing games from buddies who aren’t around anymore, the final save before a boss fight on a game the platoon had played for hundreds of hours, just a lot of nostalgia and good vibes I’d rather not loose. I’ve been hearing a lot about this community, and you all seem to know your stuff! I would ultimately like to back up my HDD so when she takes a dump, I still have all the game saves over the almost 2 decades I’ve had on here. That’s number one goal. Number 2 is to soft mod it and learn what I’m doing so I can eventually make an awesome cutsom xbox that does it all. I am new to all this, so please don’t crucify me lol. Also, what does FTP mean? (I feel I just asked the newbiest question of all, IJGSI)

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