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    • By bulkchart32
      i've made a few posts in here about my og original xbox and how it has sentimental value to me. i know the hdd will eventually fail on it as all hdd's eventually do. i was thinking of using the softmod exploit just to enable ftp so that i can copy the entire hdd and the eeprom key to my pc. my question is, is there any possible danger in doing this? is it possible that the exploit can mess up my xbox? after i'm finished backing everything up, i want the xbox to be in the same condition it was before i did this. btw, it is a v1.6 and has no mod on it.
    • By bulkchart32
      i did my 1st hard mod on a xbox today. i used an alladin modchip on a v1.4. the modchip wouldn't even go on because a cap was in the way so i heated the solder on the cap and leaned it back until it was hitting the cap behind it. now the modchip will go on but it is rubbing against the cap. i think it will eventually cause a problem. how can i fix this issue?
    • By alasdairc
      I'm struggling to read the eeprom of a Crystal 1.6 xbox. Was sold as faulty, hard drive clicking, decided was worth the gamle so bought it as I wanted to replace the hard drive anyway.
      I have some Alladin XTs coming in the post to longterm this will be hard modded, however I'd really like to find out/change the HDD key from the eeprom and start building a new drive for it.
      I'm using  Please login or register to see this link.  in ordre to read the eeprom.bin file.
      I've read multiple people talking about how on the 1.6 there is some sort of protection which makes it harder to perform a read operation, but can someone explain exactly that this is and how to bypass it? I'm able to scan the I2C bus using my cable + Arduoino Nano, so I'm pretty confident the issue is the I2C protection for the eeprom.

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