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Found 5 results

  1. Aplogies for the noobness here My xbox will not load unleashx on the new hd often. it either takes along time to load or fails. it does not load evox in corner also. Xbox ntsc-j 1.0 2 tb WD Green aladian xt2 hard mod instal issues. - doesn not load evox in conrer anymore after bios flash - boot looping, freezing, not loading into unleash, going into red green flash after 3 boot attempts. -if loads, often after a reboot will decide to 'take a break' boot loop into flashing lights, black screen. -no EVOX logo with or without hd anymore ( this makes me think its a bios issue) -loading hexen to install xmbc or try reflash bios is always unsuccessful. -can load ogxbox just unsure what to instal. Previous notes , install and before issues: -Removed capacitor, installed chip, directed d0 to wrong point (plese see pic) still successfully launched EVOX. -would not load hexen or new hd. redirected the d0 to proper point then had boot problems. starting logo would freeze. -Reflowed aladdin pin headers. -changed wiring back (picture - d0 point to ledhd - i did not clearly understand pdf install guide) hexen loaded. -freezed once. flashed bios 480p an d couldnt get logo screen. reverted back. could load new hdd. -installed ntsc package and got error on 'nodvd' (forgot this part kind of), still loaded into partioner. -partioned hd using 947-1 method (2tbhd) rebooted but froze. -reloaded hexen, reinstalled ntsc p[ackage succefully with no errors. -reformated drives again with 946 +1 method. -rebooted and got power boot loops and no evox logo. -also got the issue LBA48 bios issues when checking reformat drives. however drives are formatted. Thought it maybe hd issues or power issue or ide/sata issues but havetested with nad without hd and get same result. unless i leave the xbox to rest it wont reboot. I can get into a succeful unleshx dash with hd partioned. it just doesnt run smooth or seem right. Plesea see pics. Ive burnt ogxbox disc to try and instal bios but unsure which one honestly. but this randomly loads . I have a feeling ive done something to the modchip. iread that the bios on hexen for the chip was junk but have no idea how to instal a new bios now. I hope someone can help https://imgur.com/JB1rbXv https://imgur.com/eTbE2sJ https://imgur.com/P4YXvm5 https://imgur.com/piCzr6M
  2. Hello there everyone! I posted a little bit around but then I considered the many peculiarities of my situation and decided that it was better to open a new topic. I am going a little bit out of my mind trying to softmod an Xbox 1.00 fw 4034 NTSC-J. I am aiming to play some titles in english and therefore softmod is a must. I am not totally inept with soldering iron but if I wold like not messing around with the motherboard. I checked my options and it seemed that Hotswap was the best alternative. I found a couple of posts on reddit (here from Rocky5 and here). The second post is interesting because essentially presents my same case and the OP resolved with a previous copy of XboxHDM 2.3 Beta 2 and ndure 3.0 but then in the comments another poster said you can just use the XBHDM utility of Rocky5softmod. This was a long route. I thought to start from the easiest way to edit files in the HDD through hotswap: Xplorer360. I planned to use Xplorer360 with the error 12 unplugging the dvd drive but it gave instead the error 11. The error 11 was just the start, I tried other ways to unlock the drive but it still does not show up in Xplorer360 (despite it showed up in DISKUTIL many times). Used other hotswap strategy. In-game technique seemed the one that produced the best effects since it came up in the DISKUTIL but still never on Xplorer360. I dropped Xplorer360. I upgraded to XboxHDM 2.3 Beta 4 I planned to do with the Rocky5 Build 1.1.8v/Installer Variants/XBHDM. I was able to connect it to the PC via ide-usb cable, check in DISKUTIL and check with XboxHDM 2.3 Beta 4 that the hd is "ATA secutity is: enabled, pw Level Max, not locked, not frozen [sec5]." I would like to make a backup and I want to move the rocky5 files now. I moved the XBHDM build from the "installer variants" folder in Build 1.1.8. load the XBHDM for the drive. When I load the xbrowser in XboxHDM and press f2 for menu it gives me a "Cannot open file /usr/local/share/mc/mc.menu". f4 (edit) blanks the page with "C" [Read only] line 1 of 1 --100%-- which factually makes the XBHDM crash (no way to go back). IN A NUTSHELL: from here I am lost... what should I do? I run everything as administrator but no luck. Should I first unlock the drive and disable ? no Disable? i am really confused... I dont have the eeprom reader so i cannot extract it in that way. I order solder ink pen but it will take time but worst scenario I think I might TSOP, but does that too need a softmod first? Anyway I think that I must be close... any suggestions on how to proceed ? Sorry for the long post and thank you for reading!
  3. I am selling my version 1.6 Xbox in a transparent ghost case. It has built in red cold cathodes, a Xerc XE, internally mounted microsoft dvd dongle, and 2TB hard drive. On the hard drive are all NTSC released games, all of the exclusive NTSC-J games, and some of the exclusive PAL games. Here is a video of the Xbox I am talking about https://youtu.be/jkzSsg6hWrg I am asking $300 USD for this Xbox. PM me if you are interested.
  4. Brand new member, please forgive me if I do something wrong here.... I tried searching, I swear!!!!! I'm not a huge collector, but I got a big box of Xbox stuff from someone locally. I already have a modded and a stock OG Xbox, really bought his box for the controllers and games. He said he was in the military and bought his Xbox in Japan. I can't find any info online about it. Is it rare? Is it common? Are there any hardware differences? Btw, yes I combed the rare hardware thread here and didn't find anything Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, Feeling pretty embarrassed. I have a PAL 1.4 XBOX with what I think is an Alladin Advance v32 installed. I was having issues with PAL games and the HD modes. I used XBMP to change the video output setting to NTSC-J. The console loads into the chip black and white (with shades of brown). Part way through the boot, the lights change back over to stock bios (bright green eject light). The console then displays Error 21. I cannot load back into EvoX to change the video setting back. No discs load. Is there anything I can do to change the video setting? All help is good help.

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